Health care staff go about their day. They simply carry a phone or tablet. Androids, iPhones, iPads and Blackberry devices all work. Your staff don't need to "check-in" or "check-out" from their phones. Our system does it automatically.

Our patented software integrates with your existing scheduling software. No need for you to do any double data entry. Actually, there's zero extra work that needs be done. We'll integrate the software into whichever software you currently use to schedule home healthcare visits. If you don't already have software to schedule appointments, we can provide that too. Our software is patent-pending globally, and means your staff never have to remember to "check-in" for appointments. They simply go about their day and keep focusing on their patients.

Text or email notifications are sent to managers and dispatchers if an appointment is late, a no-show or lasts too long. You can choose which managers and dispatchers receive notifications. You can also choose the conditions under which notifications are sent. For example, if you want notifications sent if a worker is 20 minutes late for an appointment, or remains at an appointment for 30 minutes too long."


Enhance the safety of staff who work outside of the office.

We all hope "worst-case" scenarios never happen, but it's prudent to plan for them. Perhaps a worker gets in an accident and is unable to call for help. Perhaps a worker is held against their will. All sorts of other "worst-case" scenarios can happen. When management is quickly made aware of late, no-show or too-long appointments, action can be taken when quick responses matter the most.

Improve client experience.

Too often, management finds out that front-line staff were not at an appointment an hour or a day later. Now you can be aware of when staff are late for an appointment and schedule other workers for the appointment. This makes for happier customers and prevents costly penalties incurred from "no-show" appointments.

Reduce liability.

Courts around the world are starting to hold organizations more legally responsible for the safety of their mobile staff. If staff encounter safety-related events and do not receive adequate and timely support from their employer, your organization may be found liable. You can greatly reduce your liability through proactive measures to ensure the safety of your mobile workers.

Less costly audits for visits

All home healthcare services need "spot audits" to ensure services were delivered. Audits can happen in a public or private environment. Whichever the environment, having a record of when visits occurred, and for how long, makes the audit process much easier, quicker and less costly.


Pricing ranges from $2-10/user/month depending on the size of deployment, level of integration with your existing organization's other software, etc.

You can also use our own scheduling software to save time and money on any integration costs. Please contact us to discuss.


Worker Safety Solutions has been providing industry-leading solutions for organizations with both large and small deployments. We've worked with deployments of over 1500 staff and also much smaller deployments.

Our software has been recognized by several national awards and nominations in the field of innovation.

Please contact us for more information or a demo.


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